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2018 New Hope Art Auction

Here are seven items up for online bidding at the 2018 New Hope Art Auction to benefit Cat Guardians No Kill Cat Shelter.

The highest bid received online for each piece will be added to that bid sheet on the date of the live auction (TBD) as the starting bid. If no higher “in person” bids come in on that piece during the live auction, the online bid will win. Any on-site bids during live auction, which exceed the online bid for any piece of art will become the current bid. If an online bid remains the highest bid, I will contact the bidder via email and arrange for delivery or pick up. Good luck and if you don’t see anything here, we have over 30 pieces of art in the gallery. Join us for the live auction/open house when we reschedule. It’s a great time with artists, and cat shelter supporters, with coffee, wine, chocolate and pastries. 🙂

***If you wish to know what the highest bid is for a piece before online bidding closes, email me no later than Friday 5:00PM.

To place bids, please email Liz at elizabethreichert3@gmail.com, and be sure to include:
Phone number
Bid amount
If your online bid is the highest at the end of the auction/bidding on Saturday (3:00PM) , I will contact you and we will need to make arrangements for payment/shipping.

1. “A Very Busy Day”

 Artist - Yelena Sidorova
 Media - Original work, Paint on silk. 
 30" X 24" (Large canvas)
 Stretched canvas
 Valued at $350.00
 Minimum Bid - $125.00

2. “Colors of a White Cat”

 Artist - Josie Schwab
 Media - Original work, Watercolor and ink. 
 11" X 14"
 Minimum Bid - $30.00

3. “Full Moon Black Cat”

 Artist - Julie Broxic (Donated by Karen Brittain)
 Media - Giclee of original lithograph
 App. 14" X 10"
 Matted and framed
 Minimum Bid - $50.00

4. “I’ve Captured Your Heart”

 Artist - Nancy Krahn
 Technique - Hand fabricating, sterling silver pendant with a "heart of gold" and with a 24" sterling silver snake chain (shorter chain available to winning bidder at close of auction). 
 This piece is valued at $650.00 
 The artist made this original piece specifically for the 2018 Cat Guardians Art Auction. It is one of a kind, signed and dated by artist.    
 Minimum Bid - $295.00          

5. “Cat Pose on Aqua”

 Artist - Liz Reichert
 Media - Original work, Pastel and Ink
 10.5" X 8.5"
 Matted and framed
 Minimum Bid - $35.00

6. “Tiger in the Reeds”

 Artist - Nancy Staszak
 Media - Original work, Collage
 10" X 13"
 Matted and framed
 Minimum Bid - $50.00

7. “Electric Gatto Nero”

 Artist - Jim Brown
 Media - Original work, Charcoal
 18” X 22”
 This work is black matted and black framed, (frame was temporarily removed to allow a photo without reflection)
 Minimum Bid - $65