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Marianne and Elinor went to their new home on January 14, 2024.

🌟 Meet Elinor – The Enchanting Siamese Mix 🌟

Hello there, potential cat parents! We’d like to introduce you to Elinor, a stunning Siamese mix with a story as captivating as her blue almond-shaped eyes. Rescued from the outdoors along her sibling, Marianne, Elinor is now seeking a forever home where patience, understanding, and love will be the key ingredients to unlock her true potential.

**About Elinor:**
Elinor is currently a bit of a mystery; we suspect she’s a lovely lady, but we’ll confirm her gender during her vet visit in January. This charming feline is still finding her way in the world, having spent her early days navigating the challenges of life outdoors. As a result, Elinor is a bit on the shy side and tends to keep her distance from humans.

Elinor is a gentle soul, and her shyness is merely a testament to the resilience she’s developed surviving the great outdoors. With time, patience, and a calm environment, we believe Elinor will blossom into a loving and affectionate companion. Currently, she finds solace in the company of Marianne, and we anticipate that as they all adjust to indoor life, Elinor will become more comfortable interacting with her human friends.

**Ideal Home:**
Elinor is looking for a special home – one filled with patient and understanding adopters who appreciate the delicate beauty that comes with gaining the trust of a once-shy feline friend. A calm environment would be ideal for Elinor, providing her with the peace she needs to fully embrace her new indoor life. It’s worth noting that Elinor and Marianne are a bonded pair, and they must be adopted together to ensure their continued happiness.

**Adoption Details:**
– **Name:** Elinor
– **Breed:** Siamese Mix
– **Gender:** To be confirmed at the vet in January
– **Temperament:** Shy but sweet, with potential for great affection
– **Requirements:** Patience, love, and a calm home environment

Are you ready to open your heart and home to this elegant Siamese duo? If you believe you have the perfect space for Marianne and her sister Elinor, please reach out to us. Together, let’s create a loving haven where these literary-inspired sisters can thrive, bringing joy and warmth to your home. 🌺🐾

Here’s a picture of Elinor and Marianne together …

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  • 9 months old
  • Color point short hair

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