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Molly needs to find a new home

I am sincerely hoping that you can help with my situation! My parents retired and moved to FL about 20 years ago. While there they adopted a couple of different cats. One ended up passing away after a long life, the other (Molly) they adopted as a kitten about 7 years ago. My Mom took such great care of her pets! Since my Mom was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia (Primary Progressive Aphasia, or PPA), and the fact that my Dad is in poor health, they were forced to move back closer to family here in the Chicago area about 2-1/2 years ago.

Because the current retirement center they are living at does not have a Memory Care floor, we are needing to move them again and they are not able to take Molly with them. I have to say, that even if this was possible, I don’t think it’s a good idea. My Mom’s condition has deteriorated a lot in the past year or so. She is no longer able to take care of her like she used to and the cat does not get much interaction, exercise/activity. Furthermore, my Mom insists on putting the cat box up on the bathroom counter and Molly, who is overweight from inactivity, is forced to jump up there to use her box! I feel so bad for Molly and try to explain to my Mom why this isn’t good (I even put the box on the floor, but the next time I go there, it’s back next to the sink…YUK!). I noticed about a month ago that Molly had peed on their bathroom floor, something she has never done before. My Dad actually slipped and fell on it, so this is another huge problem. I certainly can’t blame poor Molly! Additionally, we just learned that my Mom will be having some risky surgery next Thursday (2 days before we need to move them to the new facility ?), which really makes finding Molly a new home a top priority.

I am having a terrible time finding a place that will take her on and not euthanize her (because there are so many kittens available for adoption). I already have 2 cats of my own, work full time and have my hands very full with both parents needing assistance. If I can’t find somewhere or somewhere very soon, I will be forced to take her to the DuPage Animal Control, but they can’t promise she won’t be put down. I hate to do that, but starting to think it might be our only choice.

Attached is the form that I filled out for ADOPT (who never even called me back) and a picture taken in better days, just before they moved from FL. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am losing hope of finding Molly a home!

Jill Mikolajewski

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  • Female

  • Brown and white tabby short hair

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