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Soxy is seeking a new, forever home, as his owner is moving into a retirement community in Florida, and won’t be able to take them.

Please contact Linda Swoboda at mrs_boda@sbcglobal.net

Soxy, is a female, orange, DSH tabby, was adopted cat back in 2006. Her birthday is 4/6/2006. She is an ‘indoor’ only cat.

She’s a talker when she wants food. Soxy is a bit overweight at the moment and she is on a wet food only diet (variety of brands). Her treat is about 5 little cookies once in a while since she’s dieting. I try to keep her from the dry food that sits out for the others. Her energy level has improved immensely. Soxy will move on to finish anyone’s dish of wet food, so she has to be monitored for that. Currently, she eats about 1 ½ to 2 small cans of wet food only throughout the day.

Soxy loves the laser and toys that hang on sticks, especially when she’s alone with me. Sometimes just watches the others play. Soxy can be a lap kitty (on her terms) and doesn’t like to be picked up. Soxy sometimes chases around with the other kitties, but I’d call her a loner. There is one cat I have that Soxy isn’t crazy about, but there is never any trouble. She just avoids the female she doesn’t like. She could make someone a good only pet, although she’s lived in a multiple cat household since we got her. She just seems to prefer her solitude. Soxy will drop down right in front of your feet to get attention and a belly rub quite often.

Soxy has chronic eye irritation in her left eye. I use prescription ointment, prescription vitamin supplement and an herbal rinse on her eyes as needed. It’s related to congenital herpes according to the vet, but nothing to worry about. It can just be a nuisance to her.

Soxy’s ears get dirty quickly. I clean them at least once a week. She is just prone to a lot of wax – no mites. I wipe her ears with a peroxide wipe and use a wet cutip to get around the crevices on the outside of her ears.

Answers to intake questions not previously answered above.

Soxy has been tested for FIV and is negative.

Soxy always uses the litter box so there are no issues here.

Soxy has never been exposed to dogs or children. She was raised in a multiple cat home, but likes her ‘space’.

There are no nipping or biting issues with Soxy at all.

Soxy has not been ‘declawed’ but does let me trim her nails regularly.

She was neutered and micro chipped prior to her adoption in 2006. Soxy (then Dublin) was adopted from Anderson Animal Shelter but was picked up at Petsmart in Lake in the Hills.

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  • Female

  • 18 years old
  • Orange short hair

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