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It’s with great sadness that I am letting you know Twilight passed away peacefully today.

It was a joy to watch the transformation in her once she settled in with us. She no longer batted at me with her paw when I gave her the twice daily meds like she did at the shelter and she was a breeze to give fluids to.

She had her own bathroom and even allowed my son to use it.

I had a hard time getting her to come out the first week. I finally realized I would have to carry her out and close the door. I would leave her at the top of the stairs, eventually she would make her way downstairs and do a circle around the rooms and make her way back upstairs again where she would wait by the bathroom door to back get in.

She loved being scratched under her chin and purred up a storm when being petted.

Thank you Tracy for being there to help with her care and saying good bye today.