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2020 Annual Hope Art Auction

Join Cat Guardians for our annual Hope Art Silent Auction on January 4, 2020, from 1pm to 3pm at the Naperville Art League Gallery!
Our auction features works by local artists, featuring a feline theme. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and meet other aficionados of our favorite subject.
All proceeds go to support shelter functions.

The Naperville Art League Gallery is located at 508 N. Center St in Naperville.

Attached are a few pieces up for online bidding. These are only a few of the 40 items we have up for sale, representing different styles and media. We have so much more to see, and hope you will stop by and enjoy the show.

In person bidding is currently available at the gallery during open hours. All bidding will end at the end of the live auction, at 3:00 PM on Saturday.

Online bidding on the attached items will continue until Friday 9:00PM. This is not a typical live auction bidding site. You must contact me by email or text. I will check in with text and email and keep track of any bids. I will place the highest bid as the current minimum bid on the bid cards of any items shown, on Saturday AM.


“That’s Kobe I Bet”
Sheri Butler
Oil 16″ x 20″
Min. Bid -$100

Val McCune
Mixed Media 16″x 20″
Min. Bid – $90

“Red Cat, Blue Cat”
Alice Chris Jacobson
Collage 14′ x 18″
Min. Bid – $50

Bryan Pelzer
8″ x 10″
Min. Bid – $20

“I Love My Cat, Dressed up in a Red Bow”
Mooneen Mourad
12′ x 9″
Min. Bid – $35

“A Boy, a Truck, and His Cat”
Liz Reichert
16″ x 20″
Min. Bid – $75

Let me know if you would like to place an online bid on any of the attached items and I will get back to you by tomorrow PM. I will let you know if your bid will be the minimum bid on Saturday.

Thanks to all the talented and generous artists who have donated their time and love of art and kitties.

Hope to see you there on Saturday. Refreshments and great company 🙂