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2010 Bones & Gothic (Speaker)

I saw Bones on the Cat Guardians website and it said he was the runt. So I wanted to check him out. I came over while my husband was on vacation fishing so I couldn’t make any decisions without him. When I came back with my husband they showed us Bones’s brother Speaker (now Gothic). Speaker took to my husband right away, so we went thru the paperwork and took them when we moved into our new home in N. Aurora.

What can I say about home life with them? Chaos? They rip thru the place at all hours of the night and day running into walls, into the curtains, into the tub (which is there favorite place to play. No idea why.). It’s like having two bull elephants in the place. For such small, petite creatures they can make quite a racket. Thing is when they’re not running willy-nilly thru the house, they want to be around us. They are so loving, and wonderful to have around. I’m glad we picked them. They make me laugh so hard or help me thru difficult times. It’s just great having them.