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2010 Daisy

People say you don’t pick your shelter pet; they pick you. And that was certainly the case with Daisy, a sweet Maine Coon mix who whined for our attention all through our cleaning shift at Cat Guardians. She had just arrived at the shelter, and was in a cage until she got used to sharing a home with so many other cats.

This went on for a couple weeks. Even after she was let out of the cage, she followed my wife & I around begging for attention. She celebrated every pat and scratch behind the ears, and her purr could be heard across the shelter.

I don’t think she was at the shelter for a month before we brought her home. She still loves petting (especially belly rubs), and can usually be found in a chair next to one of us keeping an eye on what we’re doing. If she’s not right next to us, she’s usually hunting her toy mice or napping in our wardrobe.

I’ve never met such a happy kitty, and she’s brought tons of joy to our home.