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2010 Gizmo

I received my first cat when I was five years old named Pumpkin. Pumpkin was a great cat and when he died last year, I missed him immensely. I didn’t think that I could get another cat that I loved as much, but then Gizmo came into my life. My family and I adopted Gizmo this last summer. When we met him at Cat Guardians, I immediately knew that he was the cat for me! The complete opposite of my first cat, Gizmo is white with a tabby patch over his eye and a tabby tail. When we met, he was happily sitting in an open window and immediately responded to me. Approximately 2 years old, Gizmo still has a lot of “kitten” in him, but is well trained. He takes sofas with a flying leap, is still a little skittish when there are a lot of people around, but is social and loving. He is the perfect cat for me and continues everyday to be a loving and compassionate little ball o’ fluff!