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2011 Mama Mia

Mama Mia was rescued by one of our most dedicated volunteers. When the call came, she rushed over to find a three-legged mother cat with three kittens waiting in a box on a porch. Sadly whether due to malnourishment or poor genes, only one of the kittens survived. Initially extremely shy and scared, along with being sick and malnourished, Mama Mia had a long road ahead of her. Through patience and love from her rescuer, Mama Mia started blossoming. With no warning, Mama Mia’s beloved rescuer suddenly passed away, and Mama Mia needed to learn to adjust to life at the shelter.

A birth defect deformed one of Mama Mia’s front legs, reducing it to barely more than a paw. Still, this longhaired black sweetheart never realized that anything was wrong and never let it slow her down. Whether leaping up cat trees or jumping into a volunteer’s lap, she quickly established that “Nothing is wrong with Me!”

Through it all, Mama Mia’s heart has always been as big as her spirit. She even made friends with some of the timid cats, giving them the “mommy” touch. She would even “Mommy” us, curling up in our laps, purring away, making us feel loved. We just knew we had to find her a home so she could have the life she deserved.

As we tried to find someone to adopt Mama Mia, we realized that we were faced with a couple of challenges. First, as beautiful as she is, she is a black cat and it can be challenging finding people willing to adopt one. Next, adult cats, especially ones with special needs, are often overlooked by potential adopters. But we knew just how “special” our beautiful girl is and we knew that her “person” would find her.

In November, we were visited by a woman named Cathy who was looking to specifically adopt a couple of adult special needs cats. When we took her over to meet Mama Mia, it was love at first sight. As they gazed into each others eyes and Cathy started to pet Mama Mia, it was one of those rare moments when you know without a doubt that this is meant to be.

Much to our delight, Mama Mia was adopted with her friend Starr, another special needs girl with a chronic eye condition.

Cathy sends us pictures of our special girls showing how happy they are, sprawled out on one of their cat trees, soaking up the sunshine or sleeping on the bed, or in other words, enjoying the life they deserve.