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2011 Pretty Girl

It all came about when Jeanne went to Cat Guardians to pick up the auction basket she had bid on at the Chocolate Sunday event. One of the wonderful volunteers was holding a beautiful, sleek black kitty who immediately reached out, crawling over Jeanne’s shoulders and snuggling into a bear hug. After more kitty kisses and purring, Jeanne returned home adoption forms in hand. I will admit I have been reluctant to open my heart to another baby as our sweet boy of nearly nineteen years had passed right before Christmas 2009 and it was devastating.

We got into the car intent on heading to Danny’s Deli in Melrose Park. While waiting to turn onto North Avenue I told Jeanne “turn the car around,let’s go to Cat Guardians” Well the rest is history or should I say “her story”. Our pretty girl Reggie came home with us the next day and has been every bit the queen her new formal name “Regina” implies. When she is not contently gazing out the living room windows, she spends her time playing with her new toys,dining and napping in her new kitty beds. She came home on February 13th and is the best Valentine I could every ask for.