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Surrendering a Cat

If you adopted the cat from Cat Guardians, we will always accept it if you cannot keep it for any reason. Please call or e-mail Cat Guardians if you need to surrender a cat adopted from Cat Guardians.

Feral Cats

Feral cats are “wild”, not domesticated. Generally, you cannot pet or pick up a feral cat. If there is a feral cat, or a colony of feral cats, that you are concerned about, please contact one of the following organizations, which specialize in Trap/Neuter/Release programs:

Domesticated Cats

Per policy, Cat Guardians will always accept the return of our own adoptions

Because Cat Guardians’ focus is on “Street Cats” (strays and ferals), and due to being at full legal capacity, we are not able to accept any owner give-ups at this time. The following places are currently accepting domesticated cats:

General Surrendering Information

You can also contact your local Petsmart and ask about their in-store cat shelter. Posting online ads on PetFinder.com can also help.

If you would like to e-mail Cat Guardians the cat’s information to us, along with your contact info, and we will gladly put it on display in our shelter and on our Non-Cat Guardians Cats page, where potential adopters may find out about your cat.

We also suggest that you ask your veterinarian if you can display the cat’s picture and story in his or her office.

If you adopted the cat from another shelter, please check with them to find out if they take back cats adopted from them.