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Testimonials and Thanks

Many of our adoptive parents write to us, letting us know how their new family member(s) are doing, and how they have enriched their lives. Even though it can be hard to see our residents go, we feel so encouraged to hear how well they are doing, and how happy both they and their new families are. Please feel free to drop us a line, send us a photo, and share your stories with us!

Jan Maliska – October 28, 2013

“On September 29th, my son and I adopted Swisher, a beautiful brown Tabby from Cat Guardians. I first visited Swisher back in July, in an animal shelter in Wheaton. Later that month I discovered that Cat Guardians had rescued him from that shelter so I followed him to Cat Guardians later that same month. I knew that Swisher was a special needs cat. He was older, 5-7 yrs old, and had a heart murmur. Cat Guardians took special care of him and took him to a vet right away, and also a vet specialist to determine the extent of his condition. It turned out that his heart murmur was minimal and only required a small amount of medication to control. Since we already had an older, special needs cat, I knew that Swisher would fit in to our household. He has been a real joy to us. He is calm, unruffled in his new surroundings, and very loving. He lets me hold him like a baby and can still play like a kitten. I can tell he has been well cared for and loved by Cat Guardians. I would recommend this no kill shelter to anyone looking to adopt, and would encourage those who are looking for a great companion to adopt a special needs cat. They seem to appreciate their new owners very much and the love they give back is very rewarding.”