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Trap and Release Under Threat in Cook County

On Tuesday March 19, at the meeting of Cook County Commissioners, two amendments will be proposed to alter the ordinance for the Managed Care of Feral Cats. If passed, the amendments will effectively gut the existing Ordinance which was passed in November 2007. In essence, the amendments will make it possible for any Cook County suburb to declare that feeding and maintaining any outside cats will be illegal. Caretakers can be fined for feeding or helping the outside cats in any way. TNR will be illegal in towns that don’t want ferals, and the old trap and kill method of attempting to control feral cat populations will be reinstated.

It will not matter if your ferals are registered, spayed, vaccinated or microchipped. They will no longer be protected by law.

Triple R Pets is asking all volunteers and colony caretakers to join us downtown to speak up for feral cats. The meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 19 at 10 am. As soon as the time and place are verified, we will post the information.