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2014 Buddy and Oreo

Mom and I wanted to let you know how Buddy and Oreo are getting along. After weeks of exploring every square inch of the house, they have settled into a wonderful routine. We could not be happier that both were adopted together. They love each other and will play, clean and cuddle close together. They love sleeping with mom on her bed. They know when bedtime is and make a run for the bed, often before mom has arrived. They snuggle up to her feet and each other. Buddy wakes early around 5 and does whatever he does. When he is done with that, he will walk back down the hall with a toy mouse and deposit it for mom. She finds these gifts every morning. Oreo and mom sleep through his early morning antics. Oreo has traversed the highest points in mom’s house. At 13 he is more agile than a kitten!! I don’t know how he gets where he does but he is graceful and always gets back down. Mom has a “fishing pole” with a mouse on the end which gives her and the cats endless hours of fun! Oreo can get the “mouse” between his toes and does not let go! Even without claws he is a tough competitor! When mom goes to the store, they are waiting for her by the door, or if it is their sleepy time, she finds them snuggled together. Oreo likes to watch TV and will sit on the recliner next to mom. They are not lap cats yet. We will wait to see when it gets cold out and they are looking for a warm lap. When family visits, we are all warmly greeted. All the grandchildren are in love with Buddy and Oreo. It was a different house after my dad passed away and you should know they brought back joy, entertainment and companionship to mom. They follow her to whatever room she travels to make sure they don’t miss anything. They are truly a delight and we are thankful to you for rescuing them and providing us with their love and affection.

Thank you for all your extraordinary efforts to provide for all our special cats.
Lisa B. and Beth V.