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‘2022 Poppy

From a Cat Guardians volunteer:

I first saw Poppy in my backyard last year. She showed up on my patio when snow and ice were still on the ground. At first I had hoped she was a kitty that someone was letting out just during the day. But I knew when she started showing up at night that she had no one looking out for her.

We did what we could during the cold months and through the summer. Then last fall I knew I had to make a decision. We decided to trap her and take her to the shelter.

She was not microchipped and I could find no one in my neighborhood who knew where she belonged. I think someone had left her behind as she was not feral, and she continued to hang out/ live in my garden. Hence the name, “Poppy” 🙂

A wonderful person saw her picture on our CG website and fell in love. She is now in her new home with her new “mom” and, as you can see, it was meant to be.

This is what we always hope will happen for all our kitties. But thanks to people like you, all our kitties have a warm and safe place at Cat Guardians shelter until “if and when” they find a new family.